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Trip to Asia with the GoPro Session

For our most recent trip to Asia in March 2016 I decided to take the tiny GoPro session alongside my usual Sony DSLR for some additional footage. The Session got off to a bad start as it never saved any of the footage it was recording in Glasgow airport – which messed up my intro. Then it got more frustrating when we landed as its too bulky to put in your pocket, so I kept having to carry it around. The final straw was when it would refuse to record at all.

The trip was mostly captured on my Sony A57 as a result of the poor GoPro Session, and can be watched in full below.

Our hotels consisted of:

JA Ocean View, Dubai – a beautiful, and modern hotel right on Jumeriah beach with a great pool and beach access. The rooms are brightly decorated and have balconies looking out over the beach towards the palm. Location was great, however service from staff was lacking in friendliness.

JA Ocean View Room

Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur – my second stay in this small, older style, hotel. Its located right in the middle of the city and has a comfortable, homely feel to it. The staff are always so helpful and kind. Our room this time looked out over the KLCC park which was pretty nice. Previously we have had a room which looks out at the Petronas Towers. Definitely worth staying here, highly recommend.KL Skyline

Aleena Resort and Spa, Phuket – a beautiful beachside, typically Thai paradise, hotel. Located 20 – 30 mins from the Phuket Airport on a private stretch of beach. Nothing nearby this hotel which would make you get itchy feet after more than 5 days. We got a £30 taxi into Patong one evening for dinner and a change of scenery – the taxi rank opposite the hotel entrance is great for affordable trips.Aleena Hotel Room with Pool

The Fullerton, Singapore – this hotel is near the top of my list of favourite hotels ever, after the Marina Bay Sands, obviously. The huge hotel has buckets of history and the heritage room we stayed in is luxurious and full of old charm. The pool is a real treat, especially very early in the morning when nobody else is awake yet. Staff even put on balloons and cake for Traci birthday which was nice surprise!The Fullerton Hotel Birthday Surprise


Emirates – A380 for one leg again which is always awesome! Especially when its only half full! So. Much. Space.

AirAsia – which was fine for what it cost. None of the flights were delayed or late to land.

Dubai from the Burj Kalifah

Weekend in Dubai

An awesome 3-day  stopover weekend in Dubai where we experienced some of the extravagances of the city. We stayed in the JA Ocean View Hotel in Jumeriah Beach and tried to fill our days:

Day 1: Jumeriah Beach Walk, Dinner in The Observatory (Marriott), Marina Area Walk.

Day 2: Lunch at The Scene (Pier 7), Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, 125th floor of the Burj Kalifah for sunset. Drinks in the Hilton SkyLounge.

People in Aquarium at the Atlantis Palm

Day 3: Trip out to the Atlantis Resort on the Palm, Toured the city on the SLOW tram system.

View from the Dubai Tram

It was a busy but enjoyable 3 days in the city, highlights for me was lunch in Pier 7 – a 7 story building with 7 different restaurants, and our walk around the marina at night.


Ben Vorlich Loch Lomond

I typically climb this mountain at least twice a year as the views from the top are stunning and its passable in most weather. Last weekend I went up with the intention of shooting an extended time-lapse from the top looking up towards Loch Sloy. Unfortunately the visibility near the summit was awful and the driving rain was no place for a camera. So I decided to take bursts of video footage on the walk back down to produce a short video.

Hopefully i get a blue skies day soon to have a repeat of this video and perhaps I will get my time-lapse too!

(Everything was shot on the Sony A57 and edited using Lightroom and iMovie.)

Autumn in Glasgows Westend


A beautiful Autumn here in Glasgow with blue skies and plenty of crisp, dry leaves on the ground. I have been going on plenty of walks around the Westend to make the most of this suprisingly nice weather. The postbox below is outside a great little private park in Atholl Gardens which is full of leaves from all the big, old trees surrounding it.

Autumn-00854 Autumn-00857

In the studio with Ian Barclay.

Fitness Shoot BTS

Behind the scenes on my first studio shoot with good friend Ian Barclay to assist on a fitness shoot for PT Hannah Gunn. This was my first time seeing studio equipment in use so it was a really interesting day as I am used to looking for natural light and making the most of it. I learnt hands-on about the use of speed lights and softboxes, despite our initial technical difficulties with one of the cameras. It turns out studio photography is really fun, particularly if you are used to seeking out the right light in the real world – its much easier to get the desired results, provided you know what you are doing! An awesome day and i’m keen to get into more studio photography over the coming months.

Hannah Gunn Fitness Shoot-00456 Hannah Gunn Fitness Shoot-00472 Hannah Gunn Fitness Shoot-00479



Vilamoura, Portugal

A 7-day holiday to Vilamoura in Portugal with some golf, tennis and lots of delicious food and drink. Vilamoura is quieter than we were expecting but this was not an issue as we all wanted a chilled out and relaxing break. The majority of our time was spent relaxing by the pool – I kept seeking out areas of shade since it was a brutal 37.c – 39.c each day. The golf was brilliant, we got a summer time deal which meant cheap club hire, buggy hire and 18 holes for 150€ which I could not complain about.

Portugal-09944 Portugal-09878 Portugal-00150 Traci Gibson in Portugal Portugal-00071 Portugal-00067 Portugal-00012

Tens Classic Frame

Tens Sunglasses

After their sucessful £374,000 round on Indiegogo I began to follow the journey of the first Scottish sunglasses company (to my knowlege) from concept to completion . As with all great startup ideas, the concept is very simple – the lenses in the glasses are designed to make everything look ten times better than real life. After many tweets and instagram photos of the team and the glasses I decided that summer 2015 needed to be seen through a pair of Tens, so I finally ordered some.

3 days later…

My Tens have arrived! And I can safely say that the team have done a great job, Tens do what they say on the tin. Take a look at the new 2015 range on their site, and the fabulous VHS style promo video here:

One of my personal highlights is the thoughtful packaging which includes an embossed card box and a soft fabric pouch.tens-09756*Away to find some sun*

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