Glen Clova Weekend Away

We booked a lodge in Glen Clova for my dad's 60th Birthday and it didn't disappoint. The lodge, named 'Corrie Lodge' was situated up a small incline, hidden away from the Glen Clova Hotel, facing South/East.

Inside, the house was really warm and homely with big leather sofas and plenty of wood (potential for cabin fever). We had a hot tub on the deck and a sauna for warming up after a walk.

The most spectacular clear skies were with us on the Saturday night and we spent time out on the deck just looking up. Its easy to forget what is up their with city light pollution.

I swapped cars for the weekend and took a 335d xDrive BMW with performance pack - It was a great drive until we turned off at Forres, then the winding roads were full of holes and deep water all the way to Glen Clova. (Possibly the worst car choice for this type of highland adventure.)

Black BMW 335d xDrive in Scotland

M Sport Steering Wheel BMW 335d

We had a great time and highly recommend Glen Clova for their hotel and lodges. It would be perfect for a break over Christmas or New Year provided you can navigate the snow which would be likely to fall.

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