Loch Lomond 🛥️

Last month Scotland was voted 'most beautiful country in the world' by Rough Guides and I was recently reminded why.

Loch Lomond Speed Boat

I spent the afternoon on Loch Lomond with a group of friends for a 30th Birthday. We took two boats out and visited the various bars and restaurants along the shores, going as far north as the Bay Tarbet Hotel.

As we sped up and down the loch the sun broke through the typically overcast, drizzly skies. The steep mountains around us looking even more spectacular from the water. The weather had changed from heavy rain in the morning, to sunny and suprisingly warm.

Loch Lomond Speed Boat

A highly recommended day out! Whatever the weather. ⛅

We used Loch Lomond Leisure for our boats.

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