Scottish Winter

A few weeks of rare "Scottish winter sun" and I took to the hills in the Jaguar XE to explore!


Despite being a rear wheel drive, diesel powered car the Jaguar XE handled surprisingly well. Presumably the Land Rover traction control made its way into the XE.

The optional heated leather steering wheel, windscreen and seats kept me and Traci comfortable for hours. If I had some winter tyres installed the XE would be perfect and have no issues with snow or ice at all.

Osmium Jaguar XE in Snow

Land Rover Defender in Glen Etvie

The views along the way were incredible and Jaguar XE heated wing mirrors kept them clear.

Jaguar XE Wing Mirror View

Tens Sunglasses were essential as the low winter sun was below the short sun-visors; a constant problem with cars in the northern hemisphere. If any car manufacturers are listening; how about height adjustable visors eh?!

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