Tens Sunglasses Review

After their sucessful £374,000 round on Indiegogo I began to follow the journey of the first Scottish sunglasses company (to my knowlege) from concept to completion. As with all great startup ideas, the concept is very simple – the lenses in the glasses are designed to make everything look ten times better than real life. After many tweets and instagram photos of the team and the glasses I decided that summer 2015 needed to be seen through a pair of Tens, so I finally ordered some.

3 days later…

My Tens have arrived! And I can safely say that the team have done a great job, Tens do what they say on the tin. Take a look at the latest range on their site, and the fabulous VHS style promo video at tens.co

One of my personal highlights is the thoughtful packaging which includes an embossed card box and a soft fabric pouch.

Whats in the box

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