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Senior digital marketing and eCommerce professional with over 10 years experience in leading large teams. I benefit from a deep understanding of technology and infrastructure which gives me an invaluable all-round appreciation of digital marketing from the ground up.

Currently working with a number of startups, SMEs and large organisations across the UK and US to help them increase sales, bookings, lead generation and revenue through sales and marketing strategies.

I provide strategy, guidance and execution to launch, grow and invigorate businesses of all sizes in: Social Media ads, Search Ads, Email Marketing and eCommerce Optimisation.

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I like to travel, take photos and cycle in my spare time

Working in Amsterdam

So since setting up on my own back in February I haven’t taken much of a break. It has been a whirlwind of onboarding new clients, working with existing ones and trying to squeeze in Read more…

Trip to Asia 2017

A slightly shorter trip than usual to Asia but still seriously enjoyable! Travelling in December meant we were at the tail-end of the wet season so Thailand was a little hit or miss… But Singapore Read more…

Glen Clova Weekend Away

We booked a lodge in Glen Clova for my dad’s 60th Birthday and it didn’t disappoint. The lodge, named ‘Corrie Lodge’ was situated up a small incline, hidden away from the Glen Clova Hotel, facing Read more…

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